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Genesis Schools places a premium on high educational standards, with the purpose of developing each child not only academically, but also physically, socially, and morally, so that they are well equipped for the fast-paced world we live in. The school is delighted to be a multi-cultural institution; this enriches our school activities and enables children to study and develop in a climate of tolerance and an appreciation for difference.

Vision and Mission statements of Genesis Schools


Our Vision

  • To be a leading institution in the provision of a British style education; following an English curriculum to produce highly educated, respectful, spiritually and morally sound future leaders.

Our Mission 

  • To develop young people with strong moral and spiritual values who have the knowledge and communication skills to be successful global citizens of the 21st Century and beyond.

  • To develop learners with inquiring minds, excellent judgement and the technological skills to be successful in the modern world.

Our Values

Genesis Schools bases its mission on instilling our students with the following values and characteristics; 


  1. Adaptability 

  2. Cooperation 

  3. Courage 

  4. Curiosity 

  5. Empathy 

  6. Honesty 

  7. Integrity 

  8. Morality 

  9. Perseverance 

  10. Resilience 

  11. Respect 

  12. Responsibility 

  13. Self-confidence 

  14. Spirituality



In order to reflect the above values, the caring nature of the school and the expectations that our students will constantly strive to be their best the following motto is suggested; "Every child counts, every moment matters."

Habib Bahati Habib,


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