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Unleash the Power of Kratos in God of War 3 APK - Best Mobile Game

This latest God of War is not a reboot series, but a direct sequel to God of War 3. We are still dealing with the Kratos figure that we have known, but are starting to live a different life. He lives in Scandinavia, standing under Norse mythology, together with a happy family. But unfortunately, the tragedy does not seem to be separated from the figure of Kratos.He opened with a sad fact, that Kratos had lost the wife he loved, and Atreus now no longer has a mother figure. Preparing for his funeral through the cremation process, the woman they loved had one last request - to sow his ashes on the highest peak of the Norse. A journey which, of course, is not easy.Kratos must first train Atreus who, although he already had the hunting ability of his mother, was not yet sufficiently responsive to the threat of what awaited them. Still small and unstable, Atreus still needs a lot to learn. Kratos at first saw that he had to give Atreus a long time to grow. But the situation immediately changed, when a mysterious man knocked on their door. It was from there that Kratos knew and understood one thing - that there was no better moment to fulfill his wife's request while ensuring Atreus was safe.So, what was Kratos like to travel to explore the wild world to arrive at the highest peak? What kind of adventure should he go through with Atreus? Who is the mysterious man who knocked on the door of the Kratos house? You can find all the answers to these questions by playing God of War.It is no longer a secret that Kratos is no longer adventuring on the Greek mainland, but plunged into Norse mythology with Atreus. Sony Santa Monica, of course, has a hard job to ensure that the settings you get end up different from what you found in the past. So far, they have done it.The Scandinavian region which is a "home" for great warriors of the Viking class does indeed have an architectural and world approach that is different from what we have known from Greece before. You will now adventure in a place with wilderness that looks more beautiful, with high mountains and snow ready to welcome whatever you prepare for it. Of course, you also have to deal with different types of monsters, as well as ruins and unique forms of civilization. Especially considering that Norse mythology is not only about Midgard. There is another world with different tastes ready to welcome the actions of Kratos and Atreus, more than just a cold snowy place with a powerful mystical aura.List of content,- walkthrough for God of War 4- God of war 4 games guide- ps god of war 4 kratos- kratos zeus god of war- video god of war 4- the next god of war 2- watch god of war 3- high quality of god of war 4***DISCLAIMER / Legal notice **This app is just a guide and walkthrough to help people to know all about God of War 4 apk.this is unofficial Guide and walkthrough for God of War 4 This application complies with the Guidelinesof the copyright law of the United States of "fair use." If you feel there isa right of direct copyright or trademark infringement that does not follow within

kratos god of war 3 apk

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